If you take a look at the world’s most prolific companies and agencies, they all have one thing in common: a memorable brand story. Some are better than others at incorporating their brand stories into their logos and other visual forms, but nonetheless they all adapt those stories visually. Below are some of the most important aspects to remember when creating your custom slogan and insignia.


Developing a distinct voice for your brand that can resonate with your customers is key to telling a brand story that is easy to remember. Not only does this set your brand apart from others, but it also helps you remember how your brand is objectively separate from all others. Some questions to ask yourself might be: What are the things that only my brand offers that all others don’t? Why should the world be invested in my brand? What positive difference does my brand make in my field?


Core convictions are no small thing when it comes to founding your own business, and the same is true when it comes to communicating its brand story. A poké house that uses fish only from environmentally friendly fishers will be different from one that doesn’t have the same conscientiousness. One important thing to think about is helping your target demographic identify with your message; a dog-friendly café may be interested in being clear in communicating that it doesn’t mind some barking in the building.


Last but not least, the product of your brand or business is an important part of your brand. You can also replace this third aspect with “service” or “good.”  This is one of the most exciting aspects since it represents the meatiest and the “realest” part of your business. Is your laundry service one with an emphasis in turnaround period? Or perhaps your antique store is one with an emphasis in Art Nouveau furniture. Whatever your branding is emphasizing, consider ways to make the most of the profitability of your product.


So there you have it. With these crucial aspects of brand storytelling, you can go ahead boldly and show the world your entrepreneurial chops. Delight in the delight of your customers and let them see how truly willing you are to help. For help with your brand storytelling in your signs or decals, simply contact Quint’s Signs Overnite today.