When it comes to a great sign or advertisement, there are a lot of factors that go into making it successful. From the size of the sign itself to the font and wording of the sign, everything has to mix together perfectly to create a spectacle for the eye to behold. Keeping that in mind, the factor that has to be most carefully considered is always the colors used on your sign. In the following blog, the top three colors most often used in signage will be discussed in order to better explain exactly how important they really are.

The Cleanliness of White:

The first and most important color to mention when it comes to creating the perfect sign has to be white. While many wouldn’t really consider white a color, it is the most important part of a sign if you are looking to create a clean and crisp product that uses the negative space of the white to draw more attention to the words of any advertisement. Whether you want to use an all-white sign and keep everything simple or just use it to accent the other colors, white is arguably the most important color in signs and banners.

The Power of Black:

If white is the most popular color for signs, then black is the close runner up. While it may not seem any more interesting than the color white, the same way that white creates clean negative space is how black create powerful, bold lines or borders. The mystery that black creates on a sign naturally draws the eye closer and draws them in to look at the rest of the graphic, which is exactly what you want. When combined with a little bit of white, there is no better combination to get the initial attention that your advertisement deserves.

Authority through Blue:

The third and final color on this list is one that many people favor. When it comes to the color blue, different shades can evoke different emotions from people, which is partially why it is so popular on signs and advertisements. A sense of trust is correlated with the color blue, along with a thrust to productivity, which will help give the person reading the sign a stronger urge to give their business to you.


Overall, there are plenty of different color options when it comes to making any kind of signage or advertisement. Finding the right combination of colors to go along with the other important elements of a sign will greatly improve the odds of somebody reading it and giving you their business. Signs Overnite is always ready to help you make the perfect sign, regardless of what colors you prefer, we will work tirelessly to create the perfect product for you.