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How to Create Attention-Grabbing Advertisements

Have you ever wondered why certain products seem to have become ubiquitous with daily life, while others are barely noticeable?  Some of this can possibly be attributed to a lackluster concept, but even the banalest product can be successful with smart marketing. A good advertisement can capture your audience’s attention immediately, triggering them on a deeply emotional or instinctual level. The following are a few tips on marketing techniques that can grab a potential customer’s fleeting attention span.  

Creating Perspective and Avoiding Annoyance

By creating appeals to ones instinct for immediate satisfaction and self-preservation, you’re triggering the consumer’s deepest and most selfish tendencies. You can accomplish this by applying the word “you” in your signs or decals, or by making the prospective customer’s point of view central to the advertisement. When it comes to designing an eye-catching advertisement or sign, remember to exploit people’s favorite subject: themselves.  

Another way to make someone pay attention is to point out how a situation is going to make them uncomfortable or irritated. For example, a business owner could go through the pains of designing and printing their own signage, stickers, and decals. This would be a massive investment in thought, time, and money for the business owner. However, they could also utilize the professional services of a sign and decal creator like Quint’s Signs Overnite and avoid the headache altogether. An advertisement that exploits this innate instinct to avoid pain or inconvenience is a winning strategy to grab people’s attention.

Emphasize Value

If the theme of your advertisement can be distilled into a few words and a simple but powerful image, potential customers will be much more likely to engage with the ad. Images and words that convey a concrete, straightforward message will disarm their skepticism and render them much more open to your sales pitch. Think of the iconic “Just Do It”, “Diamonds Are Forever”, and “Got Milk?” slogans. These are powerful reminders that a well thought out ad will greatly influence how customers talk about your product or store. 


Humans are highly skeptical creatures, especially when it comes to how they spend their money. A smart marketing strategy that exploits our base impulses and subconscious needs is more likely to grab a prospective customers attention, and in effect get them to spend their hard-earned money on your product or service. If you have an idea for a sign, decal, or sticker, or vehicle graphic, call or visit Quint’s Signs Overnite. Our friendly associates can bring your concepts to life!

Benefits of Vehicle Graphics

Did you know that you can reach a larger audience with vehicle graphics than almost any other method of advertising? Vehicle graphics are a classic way to advertise for your business because each moment you’re on the road is another opportunity to connect with potential customers. Still debating on whether or not to get graphics for your company vehicles? This blog post will go over the many different benefits of using vehicle graphics to advertise for your company!

Mobile Advertising

Billboards and magazine ads are static, but vehicle graphics are mobile. Instead of waiting for potential customers to see your advertisement, vehicle graphics actively travel into the view of potential customers; this mobility allows for endless marketing possibilities. Customers can see your car in a parking lot, passing by on the street, or even stopped in front of them at a traffic light. They allow you to turn every traffic jam into a marketing opportunity. You can also strategically place your vehicle in popular areas around town in order to reach even more viewers. Some companies like to park their vehicles in certain areas during rush hour in order to reach an increased number of commuters and sidewalk pedestrians.

Cost Effective

Many forms of outdoor advertisements are pricey and cost a continual fee for as long as you advertise. If you rent space for a billboard or a newspaper ad, you have to keep paying in order to maintain that space, but vehicle graphics are a one-time fee. Plus, you can change out your vehicle graphics as much or as little as you like for a low price. Vehicle graphics work for you 24/7 for up to 6 years, so they are more reliable and continual compared to radio, billboard, TV, or mail ads. According to Outdoor Advertising Association of America, a single vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 and 80,000 impressions per day; that’s a lot of range for such a low cost!


Radio and television ads are loud and obnoxious, while door-to-door and cold calling tactics are aggressive and annoying. Vehicle wraps grab attention in a way that doesn’t bother or disturb the viewers. Customers actually respond better to advertising that isn’t so invasive, so you will have more success using vehicle graphics. Bright, vibrant graphics naturally attract the eye without being too distracting, so you can get away with using more colorful lettering without being too “in-your-face.” They allow your message to be easily seen without becoming a disturbance to others, so this is a more friendly way to advertise.


Vehicle graphics are versatile in that they are not limited to any one business. Businesses from big to small use vehicle graphics to help them advertise on the road. This form of advertising is great for restaurants, salons, clothing shops, pet groomers, health clinics, attorneys, landscapers, construction companies, real estate agencies, and much, much more!

In addition, vehicle graphics can be easily removed without damaging the car’s paint. If you need to remove the graphics for any reason, it’s quick and easy if you take it to the professionals. If you need to change out your graphics to update information or promote a new product, the graphics can be easily replaced at a low cost. The customization and easily replaceable qualities of graphics are what makes them an even better option!


Don’t leave your work vans white and blank! With so many benefits and advantages, you need to get every work vehicle you own decked out with graphics. They are a cheap way to improve the success of your business and get your company name out there. If you’re looking to get custom vehicle graphics installed on your cars, trucks, or vans, come to Quint’s Signs Overnite! We have all sorts of vehicle graphics for you to choose from at a low price!

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