I’m sure by now everybody understands that the world is based off of quick and judgmental first impressions. As a business owner, it is important that you make a great and lasting first impression on potential clients and customers. If you’re interested in learning how signage affects the impression your business, continue read this month’s blog!


First impressions are everything. When it comes to business, the first conclusions your potential customers may draw relies heavily on your signage. You get only a few seconds to either draw people in or drive them away. Depending on the design and wording on your sign, people will decide if your business is professional or messy. Regardless of if your business is new or old, you always want to give off a more put-together vibe. Another impression your signage can give is how much you actually care about your business. An old or half done sign can signal to someone that your business is run down and not worth investing time in. However, if your sign looks complete and modern, someone will see that you are invested in your own business and are keeping everything up to date. Another aspect people notice is the quality of the sign. If your sign is simply made on an old piece of wood, someone might assume your business is cheap and doesn’t care about the quality. Investing in a great and quality sign is a way to show potential customers that your work and merchandise is also quality. 

Another part of signage that leaves an impression is how it is placed. If your signs are half hung and dirty, you will show potential customers that you don’t take care of little details. Ensuring that your signage is evenly displayed and kept tidy and dust free shows that you care about even the small details. 


Judgments are made almost immediately in the business world. One of the first impressions someone can make about your business is the signage that is presented. If you’re looking for a professional to help you in the right direction, be sure to reach out to Signs Overnite!