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Signage: Impressions on Your Business

I’m sure by now everybody understands that the world is based off of quick and judgmental first impressions. As a business owner, it is important that you make a great and lasting first impression on potential clients and customers. If you’re interested in learning how signage affects the impression your business, continue read this month’s blog!


First impressions are everything. When it comes to business, the first conclusions your potential customers may draw relies heavily on your signage. You get only a few seconds to either draw people in or drive them away. Depending on the design and wording on your sign, people will decide if your business is professional or messy. Regardless of if your business is new or old, you always want to give off a more put-together vibe. Another impression your signage can give is how much you actually care about your business. An old or half done sign can signal to someone that your business is run down and not worth investing time in. However, if your sign looks complete and modern, someone will see that you are invested in your own business and are keeping everything up to date. Another aspect people notice is the quality of the sign. If your sign is simply made on an old piece of wood, someone might assume your business is cheap and doesn’t care about the quality. Investing in a great and quality sign is a way to show potential customers that your work and merchandise is also quality. 

Another part of signage that leaves an impression is how it is placed. If your signs are half hung and dirty, you will show potential customers that you don’t take care of little details. Ensuring that your signage is evenly displayed and kept tidy and dust free shows that you care about even the small details. 


Judgments are made almost immediately in the business world. One of the first impressions someone can make about your business is the signage that is presented. If you’re looking for a professional to help you in the right direction, be sure to reach out to Signs Overnite! 

Benefits of Static Signage

The world around us is constantly changing and evolving, especially in terms of advertisement. Many companies are starting to take the more modern route of digital signage and advertisements. However, if you’re interested in learning the consistent benefits static signage has to offer, continue reading this month’s blog!


Many business owners like to decorate their shop or space with signage that pertains to what they do. Static signage for this purpose is the exact reason why it beats digital advertisements! Not only are you creating a more consistent feel, you are also able to brand yourself more appropriately. When people walk by your shop or choose to explore inside, they will see for themselves the consistent and aesthetic advertisements you’ve created!

Cost Effective

Choosing a physical sign over a digital one is going to be more cost effect, now and in the long run! Customizing a sign that will hang in place for years to come is a lot cheaper than a digital sign that is going to take extra and more costly work.

Less Maintenance

One of the best reasons to choose a static sign over a digital one is simply the amount of maintenance required. Assuming you aren’t going to need to change the wording on your sign frequently, once the static sign is made you are set for years! If you properly take care of that sign and ensure that it’s integrity is kept up, you aren’t going to need to pay money for costly maintenance. You can hang it up and not have to every worry about touching it again. With a digital sign, you are going to need to think about all the different software changes that are going to happen. As mentioned earlier, the digital world is evolving constantly. With that being said, you are going to need someone to work on the software from time to time depending on the type of changes being made in the digital world. 


When choosing the right way to advertise your business, choosing a static sign is almost always the best option! If you are in need of a customizable sign business, be sure to check out Signs Overnite

Common Myths about Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics and wraps give your business a quality look and are a great advertising tactic. They let you customize the message you want to portray in order to stand out above the competition. Unfortunately though, vehicle graphics have gotten a bad rap for many myths that simply aren’t true. Don’t let these myths prevent you from increasing your brand awareness. Read on and find some of the most common myths about vehicle graphics. Some of these may actually surprise!

Myth #1: Vehicle Graphics Can Damage the Paint

One of the most common myths are that vehicles graphics can actually damage your paint. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the protective film can actually help to protect your vehicle. Much like the protective film that a car manufacturer puts on bumpers and hood of the vehicle, vehicle graphics and wraps offer a similar outcome. When correctly applied to the vehicle, it protects your underlying paintjob from the damaging sum and other outdoor elements. 

Myth #2: Vehicle Graphics Cannot Be Applied to Leased Vehicles

Many think that you aren’t supposed to apply vehicle graphics to a lease vehicle. Again, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Wrapping vehicles is actually a pretty common practice. Many companies will lease their entire fleet of vehicles and apply vehicle graphics to each of them. Vehicle graphics are easy to remove and will not damage the paintjob.

Myth #3: Vehicle Graphics are Difficult to Remove

Vehicle graphics are specifically designed to be easily removed. If you are thinking you are going to be picking at the graphics all day trying to get it off, you’ll be surprised by how quickly you were able to remove it. By applying a little heat, any vehicle graphics should lift away from the car or truck with no damage and no left over residue.

No matter what you are looking for out of your vehicle graphics, we are here to help. Here at Signs Overnite we have years of hands on experience and know you will fall in love with the graphics we have to offer you.

Most Eye-Catching Signage Designs

When it comes to a great sign or advertisement, there are a lot of factors that go into making it successful. From the size of the sign itself to the font and wording of the sign, everything has to mix together perfectly to create a spectacle for the eye to behold. Keeping that in mind, the factor that has to be most carefully considered is always the colors used on your sign. In the following blog, the top three colors most often used in signage will be discussed in order to better explain exactly how important they really are.

The Cleanliness of White:

The first and most important color to mention when it comes to creating the perfect sign has to be white. While many wouldn’t really consider white a color, it is the most important part of a sign if you are looking to create a clean and crisp product that uses the negative space of the white to draw more attention to the words of any advertisement. Whether you want to use an all-white sign and keep everything simple or just use it to accent the other colors, white is arguably the most important color in signs and banners.

The Power of Black:

If white is the most popular color for signs, then black is the close runner up. While it may not seem any more interesting than the color white, the same way that white creates clean negative space is how black create powerful, bold lines or borders. The mystery that black creates on a sign naturally draws the eye closer and draws them in to look at the rest of the graphic, which is exactly what you want. When combined with a little bit of white, there is no better combination to get the initial attention that your advertisement deserves.

Authority through Blue:

The third and final color on this list is one that many people favor. When it comes to the color blue, different shades can evoke different emotions from people, which is partially why it is so popular on signs and advertisements. A sense of trust is correlated with the color blue, along with a thrust to productivity, which will help give the person reading the sign a stronger urge to give their business to you.


Overall, there are plenty of different color options when it comes to making any kind of signage or advertisement. Finding the right combination of colors to go along with the other important elements of a sign will greatly improve the odds of somebody reading it and giving you their business. Signs Overnite is always ready to help you make the perfect sign, regardless of what colors you prefer, we will work tirelessly to create the perfect product for you.

Types of Signage Retailers Can’t Ignore to Use

When it comes to effective store signage, optimal placement and style is a must. For most store owners, this is one of the most overlooked aspects of running a small business. If you or anyone you know wants to run and operate a successful business, it all starts with the right signage. High quality signage is an easy, yet effective way to drive foot traffic into your business. However, if your business doesn’t have effective signage, this can spell trouble for the future of the business. Read on and you’ll find the type of signage businesses just can’t ignore.

Outdoor Signage

When you begin to think of the style of signage that will get people to walk through the door, outdoor signage is arguably one of the best and easiest ways to do so. Signage on the exterior of your business is a customer’s first impression of your store. This signage can take the form of entrance signs, sidewalk signs, window signs, and awning signs. When your outdoor signage is branded effectively it will draw in more potential customers.

Persuasive Signage

Did you know the signage you have in your business can influence the behavior of the consumer? By using convincing language and attractive imagery, it will entice the consumer to buy. Whether it’s advertising a product or promotion, having attractive signage is a must. With persuasive signage you can influence the customers flow and improve activity on a product that would otherwise go unnoticed. When displayed correctly, your signage can turn an ordinary item or product into the “hidden gem” of the store.

Mat Signage

To many peoples’ surprise, mats can also be used as quality signage. Not only are they surprisingly useful, but they are quite versatile as well. Regardless if you want to use the mats for branding purposes, or simply want your company’s logo on them, they are more effective than most think. You can use these mats for directional purposes throughout the store, places where you just can’t use hanging signs, or to lead consumers to a product that is on sale. No matter the reason, you won’t be disappointed in their uses.

If you are unsure of the signage you want for your storefront, using these retail sign tips will help your company thrive. For all the signage you will ever need, you can count on our team here at Quint’s Signs Overnite to help you create the perfect advertising signs for your business.