Are you starting your own business? Creating a logo or emblem that effectively communicates your business message is essential to your success. Not only does it target your audience, but it can also convert people into loyal customers (along with a good product.) The following are a few tips for designing a logo that will communicate with potential customers.

Know Your Brand

Before you set out to design your logo, think about what you want to get across. The design must reach a particular set of people, and communicate a message either overtly or subliminally. Find out what your brands ideology is, and write down some ideas about what you want your business and target market to be, both now and in the future of your company.


Your business emblem needs to fully represent what your company is all about. So everything from the image to the colors should be a representation of the products and services you offer. If you can distill the theme of your business into a concise but easily recognizable logo, you have a winner.

Plan Your Colors

Did you know colors leave a lasting psychological impression? Studies have shown that certain colors evoke emotions and sensations in individuals. For example; the color yellow is associated with friendly-ness and happiness, while red is more closely associated with passion, hunger, and food. For your logo, choose colors in a deliberate way to evoke the appropriate emotional response in your audience. Look into the science behind colors, and choose one that fits your brands personality!

Simplicity is Key

 Any graphic designer worth their salt will tell you that simplicity is key. A simple logo with a straightforward theme and a one or two color scheme will create the most powerful and lasting impression. The audience should get the message at a passing glance at your emblem. If you make it too intricate, the viewer will get mixed signals. Think of McDonalds, Nike, or Apple, all of which have a simple symbol with one color that defines the brand.


If you’re starting a business and need a logo, there are many things to take into account. For the most powerful design, make sure that you know your brand to the point that you can distill it into a simple and straightforward concept. Thinking of something unique that conveys the business message effectively is harder than it sounds, but with adequate brainstorming you’ll discover the perfect emblem to fit your brands personality. When you’re ready to scale and print your decal, call or visit the professionals at Signs Overnight. We’re more than happy to assist you in your bulk printing and sign creation.