Effective Sign Design

Signs are the most common way to advertise for a business. With nearly every company relying on signs to draw in more customers, it’s shocking to see how many are poorly designed. A sign reflects what your brand is about, so an ill-designed sign reflects badly on your business.

Chances are, if you’re making your own signs, you’re likely making some design mistakes that you may not be aware of. What are these design mistakes, and how should you avoid them? Read this blog post to find out!


Your viewers aren’t going to spend more than a few seconds looking at your sign, so you need to convey information as quickly and easily as possible. Picking a legible font is crucial. You want a font that’s traditional and simple, not swirly, goofy, or intricate. The words also need to be big enough to be seen at a distance. As long as you don’t cram in too much information, you should be able to make the letters large enough to be read from far away.

Color Contrast

Colors can make or break a sign. If the colors are too similar, viewers won’t be able to see anything. Contrasting colors are easier on the eyes and make the sign readable from a distance. However, “contrast” can quickly become “clash” if you pair the wrong colors together. Avoid using bright, vibrant colors for the entirety of the sign. Try using more subtle tones for the background with a pop of color as an accent and to make the text stand out.

Fashion Advertisement
Though this design is compelling, the sign is too white and pale to see from far away.


Overcrowding a sign with too much text will make it difficult to read and grasp information, so only focus on what is essential. Adding too many words, images, and colors will turn it into an eyesore.

Think about what you want your sign to do for you. If you want to let people know the location of your new shop, make the address and shop name the most prominent features, and leave unrelated information out. You can include your business phone number and other important information, but make it smaller than the store name and location.

Clothing Sale Signs outside of a fashion store at a mall
These sale signs are short, sweet, and to the point. The wording is brief and simple, and the bright red color is effective in attracting the eye.


Using space effectively is crucial to sign design. Your letters should not be too close together or far apart. They shouldn’t be crammed up to the edge or wrap awkwardly on the sign. Additionally, many people tend to avoid white space, when it can actually be beneficial in making words and images more prominent. Instead of filling up every inch of the sign, use white space to your advantage. Isolating your business name or logo in the center of a sign can have a bigger visual impact.

An advertisement for Black Friday
This Black Friday sign uses empty space effectively, which creates more emphasis on the main “Black Friday” text.


Coffee Shop signs
This coffee shop sign is clearly visible and is not hidden behind any plants.

Even the most aesthetically pleasing signs don’t matter if they’re put in the wrong place. If your sign is blocked by tree branches or buildings, nobody is going to see it. Check out the area around your business to select the most visible spot to put your sign, and then determine the shape, size, and materials that will work best for that location.


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